2007:19 An Applied Study of Implementation of the Advanced Decommissioning Costing Methodology for Intermediate Storage Facility for Spent Fuel in Studsvik, Sweden with special emphasis to the application of the Omega code

The aim of this applied study has been to describe in a systematic way an appropriate methodological sequence for cost estimation of crucial parameters in decontamination and decommission processes. The work has been limited to older nuclear installations and facilities. Furthermore, it may be envisaged that the process of estimating the parameters of decommissioning is one of the main issues in preparatory phases of decommissioning processes. The main aim of the presented project has been to present a comprehensive procedure for how to prepare a file of fundamental and qualified input data in the earlier planning phases of decommissioning and capital budgeting of major decommissioning projects. These parameters include inter alia costs, exposures, duration times, amounts of waste, manpower, personnel and equipment needed.

Nevertheless, SKI ´s standpoint is that all measures that enhance the overall quality of the calculation of fees to the fund are essential research tasks if the studied object or cost item has a significant impact on the funding under the Studsvik Act.