2008:16 Review of SKB:s Safety Assessment SR-Can: Contributions in Support of SKI:s and SSI:s Review by External Consultants

The work presented in this report is part of the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate’s (SKI) and the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority’s (SSI) SR-Can review project.

The Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co (SKB) plans to submit a license application for the construction of a repository for spent nuclear fuel in Sweden 2010. In support of this application SKB will present a safety report, SR-Site, on the repository’s long-term safety and radiological consequences. As a preparation for SR-Site, SKB published the preliminary safety assessment SR-Can in November 2006. The purposes were to document a first evaluation of long-term safety for the two candidate sites at Forsmark and Laxemar and to provide feedback to SKB’s future programme of work.