2008:23 SKI’s and SSI’s review of SKB’s safety report SR-Can

This report summarises the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate’s (SKI) and the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority’s (SSI) joint review of the Swedish Nuclear Fuel & Waste Management Co’s (SKB) safety report SR-Can, on post-closure safety for a KBS-3 spent nuclear fuel repository at Forsmark and Laxemar respectively (SKB TR-06-09).

As of 1 July 2008 the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority assumed the responsibilities that previously fell under the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority and the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate.

The review is part of the ongoing consultation during the site investigation phase and is intended to provide SKB with guidance on the authorities’ expectations on the safety report required for the planned licence application in 2009. The authorities have been assisted in their review by three independent review teams as well as other other consultants. The external reviews are presented separately in SKI’s and SSI’s report series.