2010:18 Radionuclide Transport: Preparation During 2009 for the SR-Site Review

Post-closure safety assessments for nuclear waste repositories involve radioecological modelling for an underground source term. Following several decades of research and development, the Swedish Nuclear Waste Management Company (SKB) is approaching a phase of license application. According to SKB’s plans, an application to construct a geological repository will be submitted by the end of 2010. The application will be supported by a post-closure safety assessment. In order to prepare for the review of the oncoming license application the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM), has performed research and development projects in the area of performance assessment (PA) modelling during recent years. Independent modelling teams have been established, including both “in house” as well as consultant’s competences.

Quintessa have undertaken research and development for the Swedish regulatory authorities over many years. This has included the development of approaches and models for consequence analysis (radionuclide transport) that can be used to support the review of submissions from SKB.