2010:23 On Decommissioning Costs of the Ranstad Site

A demanding task for the present generation is to assure that appropriate financial resources are injected into the Swedish Nuclear Waste Fund. It will thereby be possible for coming generations to undertake efficient measures in the decommissioning and dismantling of older nuclear facilities. To undertake such measures in the context of Swedish as well as European environmental and health codes is essential. .

Assuring that enough financial provisions are set aside to balance these future environmental liabilities is essential to demonstrate the sustainability and long term credibility of the financing system that underpins Sweden’s nuclear waste liabilities.

A deficit situation must be avoided. Hence it is of utmost importance that cost estimates are prudent and made with a high level of precision. To secure this quality in the estimated costs for individual nuclear facilities that are candidates for decommissioning and dismantling, SSM is undertaking a systematic review of these estimates. Some of these reviews are made by external and independent resources, in order to enhance transparency and to introduce a spectrum of subjective judgement in areas of uncertainty.