2010:24 On Cost Estimate for Decommissioning of one Isotope Central

The present generation has the responsibility to ensure and guarantee that sufficient financial resources are accrued into the Swedish Nuclear Waste Fund to cover all future costs. Thus, the next generation, as well as any succeeding generations, will have the financial resources required in order to undertake the necessary measures, in an appropriate manner, for the decommissioning and dismantling of the nuclear facilities and for the construction and operation of long-term storages for the radioactive waste generated. These measures must be congruent and compliant with the environmental and health codex in Sweden.

The ability of the Society to take care of the future environmental liabilities will support a sustainable and long term credibility of the Swedish financing system for nuclear waste liabilities.

SSM conducts systematic examinations and reviews of the estimates submitted by the Swedish nuclear industry in order to ensure the adequacy and accuracy of the costs estimations for each of those individual nuclear facilities, which will become candidates for decommissioning and dismantling within a foreseeable future.

The main scope of this study has been to calculate the future cost for decommission and dismantling the Isotope central at the Studsvik site using the OMEGA CODE.

Detailed empirical information is used in the study for “bench-marking” purposes, in such cases when there is a need to supplement and correct field data from the industry. In the present study, data has been retrieved and organized such that the estimated costs for decommissioning of the Isotope Central become transparent and reliable. This approach gives a preliminary qualitative indication about the accuracy of the cost estimate delivered by the industry.