2010:30 INSITE Summary Report

SSM and its predecessor SKI employed a team of earth scientists who followed and reviewed SKB’s investigations of the potential spent nuclear fuel repository sites at Forsmark and Laxemar. This group was named INSITE (INdependent Site Investigation Tracking and Evaluation) and began its work in 2002 and completed its task with the review of the final versions SKB’s site descriptive models, SDM-Site, in 2009.

This report is a summary of INSITE’s work over the eight-and-a-half year period of the site investigations and the lead-in and the wind-down to the work. It is intended to provide an outline and a record of how INSITE has worked and how its advice was generated and provided to SKI and, latterly, to SSM. Together with all the other documentation generated by INSITE, this report is intended to support the regulatory review of SKB’s licence application for a spent nuclear fuel repository.

  • Författare: Neil Chapman, Adrian Bath, Joel Geier, Ove Stephansson, Sven Tirén and Chin-Fu Tsang
  • Utgivare: SSM
  • Utgivningsdatum: 2010-11-25
  • Antal sidor: 78