2011:08 Workshop on Copper Corrosion and Buffer Erosion Stockholm 15-17 September 2010

In SSM:s preparation for reviewing SKB:s license application for disposal of spent nuclear fuel, a series of technical workshops have been conducted. The main purpose of this type of workshops is to get an overall understanding of the state of knowledge on interdisciplinary issues as well as of questions in the research front by inviting several experts. Previous workshops have addressed the overall concept for long-term integrity of the Engineered Barrier System (EBS) the manufacturing, testing and QA of the EBS the performance confirmation for the EBS, long-term stability of the buffer and the backfill and Engineered Barrier System -Assessment of the Corrosion Properties of Copper Canisters

The objective of this workshop was to bring experts in the field of buffer material together with experts in corrosion in order to discuss intersecting issues and issues of coupled processes of buffer erosion and copper corrosion, important for the long-term evolution of the Engineered Barrier System of a deep geological repository.