2012:08 Deterministic Assessment of Future Costs for Dismantling (FA)

In this study a model for advanced deterministic cost calculation has been used to find a parametric value on the cost for dismantling of the FA-facility. The study gives good description of good practise to collect, test and utilise input data in a systematic way in order to make prudent cost estimates for any particular nuclear installation

The Swedish Law stipulates that future expenses for dismantling of older nuclear installations and associated radioactive waste management shall be financed by funds generated under the so-called “Studsvik Act”. The task to inject sufficient capital into the Swedish Nuclear Waste Fund is fundamental for the trustworthiness as well as sustainability of the Swedish model for financing of radioactive waste for older nuclear installations.

The aim of this study has been to do a deterministic cost assessment of the FA-facility at the Studsvik Site using actual Swedish unit factors for costs of labour, as well as other relevant entities such as consumables, materials and substances. Moreover, one sub-goal was to demonstrate a comprehensive procedure for collecting input data at an early stage of decommissioning projects, and to show that a high degree of accuracy.