2012:24 Technical Note, Initial Review of SR-Site Main Report

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) is reviewing a license application, which has been submitted by Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB (SKB), for a repository for the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel.  SKB’s Application includes an assessment of the long-term safety of the proposed repository.  The assessment is known as SR-Site.

This technical note records the findings from a project that forms part of SSM’s initial phase of the license application review.  The project was undertaken on behalf of SSM by TerraSalus Limited.

The project involved a broad review of the SR-Site main report, which comprises almost 900 pages of information, with the aims of identifying recommendations on areas in which SSM may conduct more detailed review and identifying the need for clarification or complementary information from SKB.

SKB has taken various steps to demonstrate that the SR-Site safety assessment is as complete and comprehensive as possible.  SKB has applied a safety assessment methodology that is complete in the sense that it includes all of the expected assessment steps. 

SR-Site suggests that (i) buffer erosion and copper corrosion leading to canister failure, and (ii) canister failure due to shear movement (e.g. due to earthquakes) on geological fractures intersecting waste deposition holes are the most important processes and scenarios affecting disposal system safety.