2012:36 Technical Note, Documentation and Traceability of Data in SKB’s Safety Assessment SR-Site: Initial Review Phase

On 16th March 2011SKB applied for a licence to construct and operate a spent nuclear fuel encapsulation facility in Oskarshamn Municipality and a final repository for the encapsulated fuel at Forsmark in Östhammar Municipality.  SKB’s SR-Site safety assessment for the spent fuel repository is currently being reviewed by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM, and its external experts in the first step of the review, the Initial Review Phase.  This report provides a review of quality assurance (QA) requirements and data documentation and traceability in the SR-Site safety assessment.

The review has been carried out in three parts.  First, the SR-Site QA plan and project steering documents were reviewed.  Secondly, the SR-Site Data Report was reviewed, focusing on its stated objectives, structure and comprehensiveness.  Finally, spot-checks of selected data sets were performed with the aim of checking data traceability in the SR‑Site safety assessment.

Twelve QA documents were reviewed in this work.  Overall, the reviewed QA instructions do provide reasonably comprehensive coverage of quality-affecting issues relating to the SR-Site safety assessment and, if implemented correctly, would generate confidence in the reliability of the safety assessment results.  However, development of the QA documents and instructions has been ongoing during production of the safety assessment SR-Site, possibly hindering full application of the QA procedures and limiting opportunities for any comprehensive QA audits of the SR-Site project.