2014:22 Technical Note, Workshop on seismic hazard at Forsmark

This report describes the outcome of the workshop organized by SSM on seismic hazard at Forsmark that was held in Stockholm on the 4 and 5 of June, 2013. The report summarizes the issues discussed and extracts the essential viewpoints that have been expressed. It should not be considered as a comprehensive record of all the discussions at the workshop and individual statements made by workshop participants should be regarded as opinions rather than SSM’s point of view.

The participants had been asked to provide qualified, independent judgments for each parameter pertaining the analyses of the earthquake scenarios in SR-Site. The workshop postulated that the value of the earthquake frequency may be greater than considered by SKB. Furthermore, there is a possibility that there might be more canisters in positions that would undergo shearing due to an earthquake and give rise to higher doses than assumed by SKB, but it seems improbable that dose would exceed regulatory dose limit.