2014:23 Technical Note, Workshop on Rock Mechanics Issues and their Implications for Groundwater Flow – Main Review Phase

This report describes the outcome of the workshop organized by SSM on Rock Mechanics and Hydrogeology that was held in Stockholm on the 30/9 and 1/10, 2013. The report summarizes the issues discussed and extracts the essential viewpoints that have been expressed. It should not be considered as a comprehensive record of all the discussions at the workshop and individual statements made by workshop participants should be regarded as opinions rather than SSM’s point of view.

Considerations on SKB’s capability of capturing and quantifying significant parameters on the rock damage and their evolution after closure of the repository were discussed. This will support considerations on the consequence analyses of releases, with focus on hydrogeology and radionuclide transport, and on possible omissions or underestimations in SR-Site. At the end of the workshop, preliminary conclusions were to be reached on the fulfilment of the regulatory requirements for granting a License and on any need of License Conditions.