2014:30 Modelling Approaches to C-14 in Soil-Plant Systems and in Aquatic Environments

Substantial expertise on carbon biogeochemistry already exists in the fields of plant physiology and aquatic ecology and therefore is it beneficial to draw on this to identify the important issues. A paper describing the BIOPROTA C-14 model inter-comparisons, and plans for the forward programme was published in Radiocarbon Journal. Further studies on C-14 (including modelling, model inter-comparisons, and experimental work) have been on-going by individual BIOPROTA member organisations and continued interest was shown in further collaborative work, including assessment of doses to humans due to long-term releases of C-14 to surface water bodies.

Noting the above, an international workshop was held from 12 - 14 February 2013, in Stockholm, to enable joint review and discussion of the new output and support an updated collective understanding of different approaches for modelling the transfer of C-14 in soil-plant systems and in aquatic environments, providing mutual benefit through the sharing of the new experience.