2014:41 Technical Note, Review of Radionuclide Abstraction and Selection in the SKB Safety Case -Main Review Phase

As part of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) review of the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) SR-Site safety assessment for a spent nuclear fuel repository in Sweden, this technical note documents the Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses (CNWRA®) review of the abstraction and selection of radionuclides in the SKB safety case. Specifically, CNWRA evaluated whether the SKB approach to assess, select, and model individual radionuclides and decay chains of multiple radionuclides omitted aspects that could significantly affect dose results. In accordance with the SSM assignment, CNWRA reviewed the Radionuclide Transport Report for the Safety Assessment SR-Site and Spent Nuclear Fuel for Disposal in the KBS 3 Repository. CNWRA also consulted relevant technical information from other nuclear waste programs and evaluated simplifications made by SKB in the radioactive decay chains.