2014:46 Technical Note, QA in SKB’s Groundwater Flow Modelling

The general objective of the project is to provide review comments on SKB’s postclosure safety analysis, SR-Site, for the proposed repository at Forsmark. The specific objective is to get an understanding and an assessment of SKB’s quality assurance of the groundwater flow modelling in connection to SR-Site. The reliability of the results of the groundwater flow modelling depends inter alia on the quality assurance, in particular in such a complex modelling work that SKB has performed in connection to the safety assessment SR-Site.

The quality assurance (QA) review of the groundwater flow modelling that supported the SR-Site safety assessment involved checking the reliability of the modelling work and the traceability of the modelling analysis and results through the safety assessment.  General QA issues in groundwater flow modelling were identified and the QA review focused on how these issues had been addressed in the QA procedures followed by SKB and its contractors in the SR-Site groundwater flow modelling work; the review did not necessarily aim to check specific values or decisions that have been highlighted in other SSM reviews.