2016:12 SSM’s external experts’ reviews of SKB’s safety assessment SR-PSU – engineered barriers, engineering geology and chemical inventory


The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) received an application for the expansion of SKB's final repository for low and intermediate level waste at Forsmark (SFR) on the 19 December 2014. SSM is tasked with the review of the application and will issue a statement to the government who will decide on the matter. An important part of the application is SKB's assessment of the long-term safety of the repository, which is documented in the safety analysis named SR-PSU.

Present report compiles results from SSM's external experts' reviews of SR-PSU. The general objective of these reviews has been to give support to SSM's assessment of the license application. More specifically, the instructions to the external experts have been to make a broad assessment of the quality of the application within the different disciplines and to suggest needs for complementary information. The results may also be helpful in guiding SSM to detailed review issues that should be addressed in the assessment of the application.