2019:24 SSM's external experts' review of SKB's analysis of long-term safety of 1BMA (SFR)

SSM perspective


Fractures in the concrete barrier of the rock vault 1BMA in the final repository for low and intermediate level waste (SFR) have been observed. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) enforced Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) to assess the long-term radiological consequences of 1BMA (SSM2015-2432-26) given the present state of the rock vault concrete barrier and feasible reinforcement scenarios.

The present report presents the results from SSM's external experts' review of SKB's responses and analyses to address the enforcement notice from SSM. SKB's analyses demonstrate long-term consequences of leaving the concrete barrier in the rock vault 1BMA in SFR without repair, alternatively partially repairing the concrete walls. The general objective of this project is to develop a basis for SSM's own review of SKB's analyses (SSM2015-2432-34).