2012:05 Sweden’s Co-operation with Eastern Europe in Radiation Safety 2011

In 2011, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority implemented co-operation projects in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania and Moldova, based on instructions from the Swedish Government and agreements with the European Union and the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency, SIDA.

The projects aim at achieving a net contribution to radiation safety (including nuclear safety, nuclear security, waste management, non-proliferation as well as radiation protection and emergency preparedness) for the benefit of the host countries and the international community as well as Sweden.

This report gives an overview of all the projects implemented in 2011. The project managers from SSM are the corner-stones of our successful work, but all the efforts and dedication by staff members of the facilities and authorities in the mentioned countries are indispensable for the long-term positive outcomes. In this manner, I am proud to say that SSM’s work is based on, and aiming at, co-operation in the broadest and best sense of this word.