Nuclear Security, Safety and Non-Proliferation: Sweden’s International Cooperation in 2017

In this report, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) summarises the results of the work carried out in 2017, together with partners in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and Moldova. These efforts relate to Sweden's international commitments as established in various international fora, such as the G-7 Global Partnership, the goals set in the framework of the Nuclear Security Summits, the EU Action Plan on Weapons of Mass Destruction, UN Security Council Resolution 1540, the MNEPR Agreement, as well as other undertakings in Nordic settings.

Important issues on the agendas of these institutions address the cooperation in the fields of nuclear security, safety and non-proliferation, and the links between these areas. We continue to devote our attention to the objectives of the Nuclear Security Summits and to shared ambitions to ensure continued international cooperation and strengthened nuclear security.

In the years to come, we will implement activities to ensure that our work continues in the spirit of the Summits’ legacy. My colleagues and I strive to have a holistic approach to nuclear security, safety and nonproliferation, which is reflected in the results presented in this annual report. This is a fruitful approach to simultaneously promoting peaceful developments, security and a safe environment. As feedback is an important tool for the continuous improvement of our work, we welcome comments on the report from readers and SSM’s cooperation partners.

Fredrik Hassel
Deputy Director General
Swedish Radiation Safety Authority