2003:36 How Agencies Inspect

A lot of information has been gathered and analyzed during the project. The focus of the research is on comparing agencies and their practices. The report includes an analysis regarding similarities and differences in a number of areas across the agencies. The report also provides information and evidence on the problems related to comparison between agencies, partly due to the difference in the use of definitions. The recommendations resulting from this study focus on improving cooperation among Swedish agencies and on improving inspection methodologies, areas where further analysis is suggested.

The conclusions and recommendations in the report belong to the persons participating in this work, and are not necessarily the same as the once drawn by SKI.

  • Författare: Lars Lindblom, Jonas Clausen, Karin Edvardsson, Madeleine Hayenhielm, Hélène Hermansson, Jessica Nihlén, Elin Palm, Christina Rudén, Per Wikman och Sven Ove Hansson
  • Utgivare: SKI
  • Utgivningsdatum: 2003-03-31
  • Antal sidor: 66