2007:41 Dependency Analysis Guidence, Nordic/German Working Group on Common cause Failure analysis Phaase 1 project report: Comparison and application to test cases

The report “Nordic/German Working Group on Common cause Failure analysis. Phase 1 project report: Comparisons and application to test cases” presents a common attempt by the authorities and the utilities to create a methodology and experience base for defence and analysis of dependent failures. The performed benchmark application has shown that how the data is interpreted is of significant importance. Good features were found in all approaches. We should try to take them and develop the existing approaches into a harmonised direction. A next step could be to develop and agree on event & formula driven impact vector creation based on component impairments, time differences and shared cause assessment. Following the conclusions of phase 1 it was decided to proceed with a second phase of the project. The objectives for phase 2 wibe to establish a common procedure and model of quantification for CCF events.