2008:38 Methodology for description and evaluation of cost profiles and cost structure during transitions period

A demanding task for our generation is to assure the appropriate financial resources are invested in the Swedish Nuclear Waste Fund. This will enable future generations to execute the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear power reactors and other nuclear facilities in a prudent manner. The main aim is to fulfil the demands of environmental and health codes in a pan-European context within well defined and reviewed financial boundaries.

By creating prudent cost calculations for future decommissioning cost it is undoubtedly that credence will be given to the long term sustainability of the financing system that underpins the overall management of Sweden’s nuclear waste liabilities.

From this standpoint it is essential to assure that prudent and appropriate levels of financial provisions into Swedish Nuclear Waste Fund will be sufficient to cover all future expected disbursements and withdrawals of funded assets.

SKI conduct on a regularly basis high premium applied studies on endogenous variables, or elements,  that might have a major impact on the future assets in the Swedish Nuclear Waste Fund in order to reduce the uncertainties in the estimated financial requirements for decommissioning; Thereby, mitigate the risk of creating a deficit in the Swedish Nuclear Waste Fund.