2009:05 Survey on requirements for independent reviews and inspections of electrical and I&C equipment

This survey is a first step to support the work to develop the Swedish regulations in the area of independent review and inspection in the process supporting implementation of electrical equipment in nuclear power plants. The report consists of a summary of different regulations in the area and also an analysis of the differences between the electrical and mechanical field especially in the area of independent review. SSM will use the results from the survey to develop the system of independent review in Sweden. 

The survey was initiated by SKI (Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate) and completed just before SKI and SSI (Swedish Radiation Protection Institute) was merged into one authority - SSM (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority). The publication of the report has been delayed and is now published in the name of SSM.

This project was lead by the Department of Nuclear Power Plant safety by Tage Ericsson at the section of System Assessment and Peter Merck at the section of Reactor Technology and Structural Integrity.