2013:27 Numerical simulations of headed anchors break in reinforced and non-reinforced concrete structures

The design codes for anchorage of equipment in concrete structures have been developed since the time the Swedish power plants were designed. Furthermore, the design basis has been updated and in some cases new mechanical loads have been added. As a consequence, it can be difficult for some anchorages to meet the requirements of today.

In the design of anchorage equipment the beneficial effect of reinforcement was, in most cases, not considered. The American ASCI 349-06 code open up today for a more detailed analysis where the beneficial impact of reinforcement on anchor capacity can be taken into account. How this analysis can be done is, however, not explicitly described in the code. The European CEN/TS code provides a simplified way of calculate the capacity for the concrete edge failure mode if sufficient reinforcement is present.

The objective of the project is to study the effect of reinforcement on the concrete breakout capacity of cast in headed bolts in concrete structures by numerical simulations. Both single anchors and anchor groups are studied for tension and shear loads.