2014:01 Cost Estimating for Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors in Sweden

In Sweden, decommissioning cost estimates are core inputs to the process of calculating licensee contributions to the Swedish national fund for radioactive waste management and decommissioning.

Under the present system, the decommissioning cost estimates are produced by licensees every three years and formally submitted to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM), which reviews the estimates and then makes recommendations to the government on the appropriate level of fees required.

In recent years, there has been a shift by licensees away from generic decommissioning cost estimates for nuclear power reactors based on reference facilities and inventories, to site specific cost estimates. Site specific decommissioning cost estimates for all ten nuclear power reactors currently in operation in Sweden were presented to SSM for the first time during 2013. Presently SSM is evaluating these latest studies in detail. In its review, SSM will be making judgments on whether the decommissioning cost estimates are well founded, transparent and robust, and take due account of major project risks and uncertainties. A further important consideration for SSM is that the cost estimates actually reflect the planned decommissioning work to be undertaken as set out in the decommissioning plans for the facilities.

SSM initiated the study presented in this report partly in order to facilitate the discussion with licensees on further improving the quality of the cost estimates prepared for submission to SSM; and partly to support the development of its methodologies for reviewing these decommissioning cost estimates.