2016:31 Measures and method characteristics for early evaluation of safe operation in nuclear power plant control room systems

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority’s (SSM) experience is that there is a need to develop evaluation methods in parallel with the development of control rooms in conjunction with construction modifications and other changes. This includes more indepth analysis of the methods used today. Another aspect is that conventional methods of evaluating control rooms and issues need to be reexamined. SSM has previously provided funding for several individual research projects regarding evaluation of control rooms. Both the focus and researchers involved have varied over the years. In order to achieve improved research continuity, greater specialisation and a more open approach, SSM decided to provide funding for a PhD project. The Chalmers University of Technology offered good possibilities, and the PhD student, Eva Simonsen, was able to begin her studies at a high level when she had worked as a practitioner within the field of human factors engineering for ten years, with the focus on control room system development.