2019:01 Research within technical safeguard at Uppsala university during 2016-20


Uppsala University has since January 2016 undertaken an extensive research programme in technical nuclear safeguards within the framework of contract SSM2016-661, including in total 3 PhD students and 7 senior researchers. This report marks the final reporting covered by this contract.

The executed research covers the following projects; (1) Methodologies for safeguards assessment of irradiated nuclear fuel assemblies using the Digital Cherenkov Viewing Device; (2) Multivariate analysis of gamma spectroscopy data from irradiated nuclear fuel; (3) Neutron assessment of irradiated fuel using the Differential Die-Away Self Interrogation technique; (4) Nuclear safeguards for future Generation IV systems; (5) Gamma tomography for partial-defect verification of irradiated nuclear fuel assemblies, and; (6) Estimation of uncertainties involved in measurements of spent fuel before encapsulation. Several of the projects are co-funded also from other contracts with SSM and with other funding parties, whereas the current contract (SSM2016-661) forms the foundation for the coordination and execution of all projects.

During the funding period (January 2016-June 2018), one doctoral student has achieved the PhD degree and yet two have achieved the PhLic degree, of which one student is scheduled for the PhD dissertation in October 2018. Eight scientific papers have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and two more is currently under review. In addition, six scientific papers have been published or accepted for publication in proceedings from international conferences and meetings.

Related to the research programme are also other engagements in national and international nuclear safeguards; Several of UU’s researchers are strongly involved in the European Safeguards Research and Development Association (ESARDA), as well as in national and international education efforts for both undergraduate students, PhD students and experts in the field.