2005:01 Reports from SSI:s International Independent Expert Group on Electromagnetic Fields 2003 and 2004

Part 1: The focus of the 2003 report is on epidemiological and experimental cancer research, blood-brain barrier and heat shock proteins. In none of these areas have there been breakthrough results since the British Stewart-report and the Swedish RALF-report that have warranted fi rm conclusions in one way or the other.

Part 2: The three fi rst reports from the Interphone Study have been presented this year. A Swedish study suggests that long-term use of mobile phones increases the risk of acoustic neuroma, at the side of the head where the phone is used. The results, however, must be interpreted with caution while other groups with suffi cient numbers of long term users fi nalize their analyses. For ELF magnetic fields there are indications that children might be more sensitive; however, we lack the understanding of how, or even if, these fi elds might be involved in leukemogenesis. For RF fi elds, widespread exposure to these fi elds is recent and very little is known about the potential sensitivity of children.