2005:15 Radiological Protection in Transition; Proceedings of the XIV Regular Meeting of the Nordic Society for Radiation Protection, NSFS, Rättvik, Sweden, 27-31 August 2005

These proceedings comprise the papers and posters presented at the 14th Regular Meeting of the Nordic Society for Radiation Protection, the theme of which was ‘Radiological protection in transformation’. The traditional ‘Lindell lecture’, presented by H.H. Brunner from Switzerland, highlighted this theme under the title ‘From Pandora’s Box to Sisyphus’. There were sessions on international developments and stakeholder involvement, on education, training, and measurements, on emergencies, on nuclear installations, on non-ionising radiation, on medical radiation, on industrial uses of radiation, on radiobiology, on natural sources of radiation, on non-nuclear waste, on NKS (Nordic Nuclear Safety Research), on radioecology and artifi cial radionuclides in the environment, and on regulatory and international activities. In addition to invited lectures and proffered papers, there were educational primer lessons in the mornings and several roundtable discussions. In all, there were almost 100 contributions from participants representing at least 10 different countries. The range of different topics covered, the scientifi c quality of the contributions, and the interest shown in this meeting refl ect the high standing of radiological protection in the Nordic countries.