2008:05 International Expert Review of SR-Can: Safety Assessment Methodology - External review contribution in support of SSI's and SKI's review of SR-Can

In 2006, SKB published a safety assessment (SR-Can) as part of its work to support a licence application for the construction of a final repository for spent nuclear fuel. The report represented the culmination of work conducted by SKB over several years, focusing on the goal of making the licence application in late 2009. Results from the SR-Can project have been documented in several reports, with the main technical report being TR-06-09, published in October 2006. The purposes of the SR-Can project were stated in the main project report to be:

  1. To make a first assessment of the safety of potential KBS-3 repositories at Forsmark and Laxemar to dispose of canisters as specified in the application for the encapsulation plant.
  2. To provide feedback to design development, to SKB’s research and development (R&D) programme, to further site investigations and to future safety assessments.
  3. To foster a dialogue with the authorities that oversee SKB’s activities, i.e. the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate, SKI, and the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority, SSI, regarding interpretation of applicable regulations, as a preparation for the SR-Site project.