2008:08 SSI:s independent consequence calculations in support of the regulatory review of the SR-Can safety assessment

With the publication of the SR-Can report at the end of 2006, Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co (SKB) have presented a complete assessment of long-term safety for a KBS-3 repository. The SR-Can project demonstrates progress in SKB’s capabilities in respect of the methodology for assessment of long-term safety in support of a licence application for a final repository. According to SKB’s plans, applications to construct a geological repository will be submitted in 2009, supported by post-closure safety assessments.

Project CLIMB (Catchment LInked Models of radiological effects in the Biosphere) was instituted in 2004 to provide SSI with an independent modelling capability when reviewing SKB’s assessments. Modelling in CLIMB covers all aspects of performance assessment (PA) from nearfield releases to radiological consequences in the surface environment. This review of SR-Can provides the first opportunity to apply the models and to compare the CLIMB approach with developments at SKB.