2009:14 Review of Legislation and Regulatory Framework in Ukraine with Regard to Environmental Radiation Monitoring

This report was written in the frames of the development cooperation project in Ukraine entitled “Environmental Radiation Monitoring”.

This report concerns a study which has been conducted for the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM. The conclusions and viewpoints presented in the report are those of the author/authors and do not necessarily coincide with those of the SSM.

In 2006, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM), with the support of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, started cooperation with Ukraine in the area of radiation protection. One of the areas of cooperation identified as important for Ukraine was environmental radiation monitoring. On this basis, a project entitled “Environmental Radiation Monitoring” was launched in 2006.

This project originally focused on principal problems and aspects of radiation monitoring. The need for a review of the legislation and regulatory framework in Ukraine became evident in the course of the project implementation, as it was found that many practical arrangements of radiological monitoring of the environment had not been adequately implemented. As a result, the SSM project was extended to include, among other activities, an independent analysis of the Ukrainian legislation and regulatory framework on radiological environmental monitoring (the scope of the present report).

The review of the current legal and regulatory framework has been conducted by a group of independent international experts contracted by the SSM. The scope of the review considers the legal and regulatory documents of Ukraine as of May 2009. As a basis, international safety standards and recommendations developed by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the European Union have been used.