2013:19 Eighth report from SSM:s Scientific Council on Electromagnetic Fields

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority`s (SSM) scientific council monitors the current research situation and gives the authority advice on the assessment of risks, authorization and optimization within the area. The council gives guidance when the authority shall give an opinion on policy matters when scientific testing is necessary. The council shall submit a written report on the current research and knowledge situation each year.

The objectives of the report are to cover the last year’s research in the area of electromagnetic fields (EMF). The report gives the authority an overview and provides an important base for risk assessment.

In this report covering both 2011 and 2012 an update on key issues is included such as extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields and childhood leukemia, effects from mobile phones, health risk from transmitters and self-reported electromagnetic hypersensitivity. It also covers different areas of EMF (static, low frequency intermediate and radio frequent fields) and different types of studies such as biological, human and epidemiological studies. The report also has a section covering other recent reports.