2015:16 International conference on UV radiation-induced disease – roles of UVA and UVB

In 2007, an international conference sponsored by the former Swedish Radiation Protection Authority and the Swedish Cancer Society and held at Karolinska Insti- tutet explored the state of knowledge concerning ultraviolet (UV) radiation-induced disease and the roles of UVA and UVB. The following five years we have seen the classification of the whole solar UV spectrum by IARC as carcinogenic to humans, the introduction of BRAF inhibitors for treatment of melanoma and advances in understanding of the mechanisms of skin carcinogenesis and the risk factors in- volved. In May 2012, a second, follow-up, conference was held at Karolinska Insti- tutet, funded by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, to present and discuss progress in the field, again with emphasis on the differential effects of UVA and UVB and links to disease. This report is based on the evidence presented at that meeting.