2020:13 Core data Research at Uppsala University

SSM perspective


This project is to support a research group at Uppsala University in the research feld of nuclear data for applications. Nuclear data research is about measuring microscopic cross-sections and developing theoretical nuclear models to create evaluated nuclear data libraries. These nuclear data libraries are used in diferent applications such as, nuclear technology, nuclear safeguards, medicine, fnal repository etc.

This project measured diferent nuclear reactions and developed theoretical nuclear data models. The experiments were focused on fssion reactions. The experiments were performed in diferent facilities in Europe such as the IGISOL-facility in Jyväskylä (Finland) for proton induced and neutron induced fssion.
In the report,” Grunden för en långsiktig kompetensförsörjning inom strålsäkerhetsområdet”, a task on the behalf of the government, it is shown that nuclear technology is a critical research area that needs more funding. Nuclear data is a sub area within nuclear technology that is identifed as a critical research area. This research project is to support the national competence in that area.


This project contributed to collaborations between Swedish universities, international research facilities and international organizations such as IAEA and OECD/NEA. This project contributed to 19 publications in international peer reviewed journals, two PhD’s, one new PhD project, 6 master theses, 32 conference papers, multiple national and international meetings. The funding has enabled 5.2 million SEK in funding (including the research funding from this project). This project has contributed to support the national competence within the nuclear data area and areas that are dependent on nuclear data.


SSM needs to maintain a national competence within nuclear technology, including nuclear data. The research group at Uppsala University received funding for research within nuclear fssion data which are part of SSM’s competence area. The funding has resulted in new competences such as PhD’s, master theses and published articles that contribute to maintain the national competence within nuclear data.

Need for further research

There are needs for further research to maintain the competence within nuclear fssion data as stated in the report” Grunden för en långsiktig kompetensförsörjning inom strålsäkerhetsområdet”. The project was fnished during 2019, but was not continued in SSM’s research plan 2020. It is recommended to propose a new research project to support the competence within nuclear fssion data for 2021 and beyond, as part of the long term support of the national competence in this feld.