2022:18 Data report – sampling of sea water and marine organisms outside Ringhals NPP

SSM perspective


The Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) funded the collection of marine biota over an annual cycle at the Ringhals nuclear power plant (NPP) to enable development of analytical methods for C-14. Methods for the C-14 analysis and results in the form of levels of C-14 in various marine organisms have been reported by the Swedish Defense Research Institute (FOI) in FOI report FOI-R--4861--SE - Determination of 14C in marine biota during an annual cycle. During the collection of the biota samples other parameters like for example; temperature, visibility depth, salinity, conductivity as well as data of the biota samples themselves were collected. These data reported here separately.


The project as a whole aimed to collect marine biota over an annual cycle along with marine chemical and physical parameters. The current report aims to report the data that is not covered in FOI’s report (FOI-R- -4861--SE) in order to make the data referable and possible to use in for example model calculations.

Summary by the author

Medins Havs och Vattenkonsulter AB was assigned by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) to perform sampling in marine environments in the coast area close to Ringhals NPP. This document reports the data gained when sampling water and biota from August 2018 to July 2019. The work was conducted according to an agreement between Medins and Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, dated 21 March 2018.