2009:13e 2009 assessment of radiation safety in the Swedish nuclear power plants

This report has been prepared by order of the Swedish government in accordance with the “Governmental directive for the financial year 2009 regarding the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority”.

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has through its supervision ensured a comprehensive basis for this overall assessment of radiation safety. The overall conclusion is that the radiation safety, nuclear safety, the physical protection including nuclear safeguards and radiation protection, in the Swedish nuclear power plants has been maintained at an acceptable level.

The barriers comply with the requirements, and improvements have been implemented to the defence in depth. Further, large investment programmes are being carried out to comply with the requirements imposed by the authority regarding modernisation. Management systems and internal audits have developed in a positive direction..

2008 has been an eventful year in many respects. The nuclear industry is in a very intensive period. Modernisations are under way, aimed at improving safety, and measures are being taken to strengthen the physical protection in order to make forced entry to the plants more difficult. In addition, preparations are in progress to increase the thermal power in most of the reactors.

This report is also available in Swedish:
2009:13 2008 års bedömning av strålsäkerheten vid de svenska kärnkraftsanläggningarna