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  • 2021:01 In situ NMR condition monitoring of cable insulations in Nuclear Power Plants

    SSM perspective Background As the nuclear power plants are ageing, it is important to verify that every component installed can function safely in the intended environment. Cables are among the most common components in a nuclear power plant and are required to function during normal operation as well as in the event of an accident. There is a need within the nuclear industry for...

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  • 2021:02 On Water Induced Sensitization of Ni (Fe,Cr) alloys towards Stress Corrosion Cracking in LWR Piping from 1st Principles Modelling

    SSM perspective Background In Swedish Light Water Reactors (LWR), stress corrosion cracking of reactor components and welds occurs from time to time. As the nuclear power plants are ageing, it is essential to study and further understand the mechanism for environmentally induced sensitization. Natural cracking is a phenomenon that is difficult to predict and very hard to study since it occurs...

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  • 2020:16 Estimates ofJ-integral and COD for circumferential through wall cracks under global bending including the effect of pipe end restraint

    SSM perspective Background Leak-before-break (LBB) piping assessments have shown that piping systems can withstand long through-wall cracks before pipe rupture is expected. This is somewhat because pipe ends are restrained. In LBB assessments analyses are often performed for a pipe segment uncoupled from the piping system, as pipe ends are assumed unrestrained. This assumption is conservative...

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  • 2020:15 Strålskyddsåtgärder vid radiologiska nödsituationer

    I den här rapporten redovisar Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten (SSM) planeringsunderlag för strålskyddsåtgärder vid radiologiska nödsituationer i samband med händelser i beredskapskategori 4. Händelser i beredskapskategori 4 omfattar händelser i verksamheter med joniserande strålning som inte bedrivs på en bestämd plats samt antagonistiska...

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  • 2020:14 Radiologiska undersökningar i Sverige under 2018

    Sammanfattning Studien omfattar radiologiska undersökningar (konventionella röntgenundersökningar, datortomografiundersökningar, nuklearmedicinska undersökningar, ultraljudsundersökningar och MR-undersökningar) som utförts under 2018 och bygger på uppgifter som sjukvården rapporterat. Undersökningarna utgör en delmängd av alla radiologiska...

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  • 2020:12 Assessment of the QT-COOL coolant channel module against the PBF RIA 1-2 experiment

    SSM perspective Background The fuel rod analysis program SCANAIR has been developed by IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire) for analysis of reactivity initiated accidents (RIA) in light water reactors. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) has access to SCANAIR in exchange for annual contributions for its further development. This ensures a possibility...

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  • 2020:13 Core data Research at Uppsala University

    SSM perspective Background This project is to support a research group at Uppsala University in the research field of nuclear data for applications. Nuclear data research is about measuring microscopic cross-sections and developing theoretical nuclear models to create evaluated nuclear data libraries. These nuclear data libraries are used in different applications such as, nuclear...

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  • 2020:11 Competency based assessments of Nuclear Power Plant controlroom operators

    Experiences of development and first operational methodological and technical demonstrator application...

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  • 2020:10 Patientstråldoser vid röntgenundersökningar

    Sammanfattning Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten (SSM) har genomfört en utredning av det nationella systemet för diagnostiska referensnivåer. Utredningen baseras på stråldosnivåer som rapporterats till SSM. Aktuella inrapporterade data för de undersökningar som ingår i systemet har används. Sammanställningen av stråldosdata gör...

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  • 2020:09 Rapport från SSM:s vetenskapliga råd om ultraviolett strålning 2019

    SSM perspektiv Bakgrund Strålsäkerhetsmyndighetens (SSM) vetenskapliga råd om ultraviolett (UV) strålning ger myndigheten råd inom områden som rör olika aspekter i samband med ultraviolett strålning. I rådet ingår experter inom områdena onkologi, dermatologi, cancerbiologi, psykologi och meteorologi. Rådet ger också vägledning...

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